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Mobile Massage and In-Home Services Available
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Massage therapy at competitive prices! In-home services are available, including single sessions, back-to-back couples massage, and parties!

Ask about our holiday sale starting November 1, 2023!

Products & Services

Swedish Massage- Get whisked away to a world of wonder and relaxation with Swedish Massage! Spa- style stable top massage lasting 45, 50, or 60 minutes. Includes complimentary skin safe essential oils for easy breathing, soft sheets and blankets, and water bottles to keep you hydrated! Swedish massage is a great way to ease away pains and stress from the daily grind, but did you know it is also beneficial for ongoing cancer recovery, too?

(Pressure type: Featherlight to Medium)

Japanese Shiatsu Mat Massage- Hard hits and hyper heavy pressure are the name of the game with Shiatsu! Have you ever felt that pressure from a spa massage just wasn’t enough? Need something more thorough that hits the mark? Are you looking for a long session that will allow for a nap? Shiatsu may be for you! This massage is done on the floor on soft, squishy memory foam mattress pads, while pillows and blankets are provided. Clients are requested to bring a pair of pajamas and cleans socks for the ultimate napping experience!

(Pressure type: Heavy to Extreme)

Chinese Accupressure- Looking for something hyperfocused on specific spots? How about pain alleviation? Chinese accupressure may be light on touch, but a sucker punch on wear and tear! Using thumbs, knuckles, and elbows, I target “Chi” or energy points running throughout the body to bring circulation into focus.

(Pressure type: Light)

Mighty Mini- Don’t have time for that pampering you desperately need? Need to pick up the kids or catch that dinner with your family? Try a Mighty Mini! Itty-bitty massages done either sitting or laying on the massage table, and under 20 minutes! 

(Pressure: Variable, but runs Medium)

Parties and Events- Looking to give back to your staff? Wanting a day out with your friend group? Need a couples’ massage? I got you covered! Wether it’s table or chair-side, these relaxing sessions are sure to be the life of any get-together! Prices run $60/hr for chair massage and $80/hr for tabletop.

(Table-top sessions for group and couple massage only)

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My name is Lauren. I've been massaging people ever since I was 6 and now have my own professional practice up and running at Vineyard Ranch in Temecula, California! This journey has been a long time coming for me and now I'm aspiring to help people feel better however I can!

Any questions, comments, and concerns may be forwarded to my provided email addresss or phone number via call or text!

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