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About Skybrooke

Presenting Skybrooke, Live Oak’s crowning glory, located serenely at TX 78233, waiting to be unveiled by you. Here, life pulsates with boundless possibilities?be it a sunny day out with family at Woodcrest Park, a leisurely walk away, or soaking in the vibrant hues at Live Oak City Park and Pond. For the thrill-seekers, Morgan’s Wonderland and Retama Park Horse Racetrack beckon with adventures aplenty. Every residence at Skybrooke stands as a testament to luxury, with sumptuous clay-fired brick facades, interiors that echo elegance, and an unwavering commitment to eco-friendliness. Whether you’re captivated by sprawling ranch homes or the majestic 2-story abodes, every space?ranging from 1,705 to 2,487 square feet?radiates warmth, comfort, and flexibility tailored for your lifestyle. Dive into the depth of this extraordinary community; download our brochure and embark on a journey to discover where grandeur meets grace. Step into the realm of visionary living with our Thoughtful Home Collection?a magnum opus of home design that fuses years of wisdom, innovation, and unparalleled craftsmanship. These homes aren’t just built; they’re envisioned, representing the zenith of modern residential architecture.

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From $422,769
1,837 sq. ft.
3 Br.
2 Ba.

7113 Walkers Loop

From $445,200
2,283 sq. ft.
3 Br.
3 Ba.

7346 Walkers Loop

From $449,845
2,283 sq. ft.
3 Br.
3 Ba.


From $423,900
1,938 sq. ft.
4 Br.
3 Ba.


From $463,900
2,350 sq. ft.
3 Br.
3 Ba.


From $474,900
2,487 sq. ft.
3 Br.
3 Ba.


From $491,900
2,691 sq. ft.
4 Br.
3 Ba.
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